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Origins of The Peach Cobbler

As a young girl born in raised in Southern Maryland, my knowledge of fashion and proper fitting garments was nil to none. On any given day, you could find me running around barefoot or in a pair of hand-me-down shoes and clothes passed down from my eleven brothers and four sisters. We lived on a 30-acre farm, and our clothes were more for function rather than fashion. Till I was about 15, all my shoes were sourced from local thrift stores or church clothing drives. My view of footwear was just a mandatory item for outings to the store.


In 2013, I moved to NYC where shortly upon arrival, I started my career as a fit model. As a fit model, you are required to try and “fit” fashion garments due to the body’s particular measurements. To “fit” a garment is to determine whether a garment is pulling or tugging in the wrong areas and provide accurate feedback for correction. It is an integral part of developing any article of clothing in the fashion cycle. Due to my distinct foot shape, clients I have worked with have changed their standard to match my foot. My ability to understand and precisely communicate proper fit corrections has allowed me to work and travel around the world. From prestigious fashion houses to friends and family, my vast knowledge on a wide array of shoe styles coupled with my expertise on construction/fit has made me the go-to referent for any and all footwear needs.


As my knowledge grew for high quality and proper fit for shoes, I became obsessed with wearing things that fit well and made me feel comfortable. I now know just how important properly fitted shoes are and their benefits for short and long term. I am now a huge believer that when you feel comfortable, whether, in your skin or clothes, you become a more productive version of yourself. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this for myself first hand.


Taking my accumulated knowledge of fit and a keen eye for trends, I am creating a blog that I hope will change the way people buy shoes and give people a place to ask questions about shoes.
I want to create a forum to demystify the shoe buying process and style and fit.