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Fashion JAN17/2018
Acne Batilda
Acne Batilda

*Great concept
*Poor Fit
*Tips to help it to fit you

The Batilda is a great concept for a shoe! I immediately was drawn to the look and perceived comfort that this material has to offer. I am a huge advocate of comfort, and in my line work, my feet aren’t always comfortable. Heck, when are our feet ever off duty? With that said, I am always looking for ways to be comfortable. Let’s be honest, who isn’t?


The Batilda is designed to give you a sock-like fit with the durability of a sneaker sole. It’s genius! No laces, no velcro, no zippers, every minimalist’s dream. I particularly like this styles mid-calf height making it great for cropped jeans and sweatpants. I recommended this style for my sisters who are both mothers and are looking for an easy shoe for their fast-paced lives. The compacted knitted sock can be ideal for anyone with a wider foot or even people with a higher instep because of it’s stretch material. It quickly forms to the desired shape of the wearer’s foot. This style of shoe is a popular trend and it’s easy to see why. However, its crucial that the fit is done right to ensure a successful product.


Although the compact knitted sock can form to a wide variety of foot shapes, it can also have its drawbacks. Due to the fabric stretching and giving, it doesn’t necessarily have the proper structure to secure your foot in place. Personally, I liked the concept of the Batilda but found that they fit poorly. Keep in mind my foot is a standard industry size 7B so I don’t have a small heel, nor a high instep nor a low instep. In theory, it should have conformed to my foot well. However, this style slips in the heel. I tried sizing down to help prevent this problem but had no luck.


How would sizing down help this problem? By forcing your heel into the back counter. Sizing down, however, made the shoe length shorter without addressing the slipping problem. Acne does not offer half sizes in the Batilda. Other brands with similar styles don’t offer half sizing as well. I believe this is because of cost, but there could be various other factors that could contribute to why brands are choosing not to provide half sizing with this style.


It’s very important that you provide appropriate support your feet. Ain’t nobody got time for a sprained ankle! Unfortunately, the slipping is extremely hard to avoid without a back counter. A back counter is there to hold your heel in place and prevent your foot from slipping. Because this style doesn’t have a back counter, sizing down will only push your foot over the back, and we wouldn’t want that! I’m obsessed with the idea of the Batilda and determined to make this style work for me; I tried it on with a super thick pair of socks I had in my drawer, but sadly, this didn’t help either. If anything, it made the instep tighter without fixing the slipping. Every time I stepped, it slipped and made my sock slide down. It’s like an itch you just can’t scratch, super annoying.


If any of these tips works for you, or you know of another brand that does it right, great! Please comment below, would love to hear about your experience. As for me, I will continue to look for my perfect shoe in this style!