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How-To JUN19/2017
How To: Clean White Leather
How To: Clean White Leather

I’ve never owned anything white growing up because the problem with white is, well, it never stays white! I quickly learned that if I managed to keep anything white after feeding the animals in the morning, my little brothers would ensure it gets dirty by lunchtime.


I may not live on a farm anymore, and I may not have to worry about my little brothers spilling things on me now, but I do live in a concrete jungle where random juices and liquids come falling from the sky! At any given moment, you could be pushed into a murky puddle of who knows what!


As a true shoe lover, I understand the importance and the benefits of having a white pair of shoes in your closet. They make your legs look tanner and go with everything in your closet! A pair of white shoes are an absolute must! I recently purchased a pair of white Common Projects and I love them TO DEATH. They are my go-to pair of sneakers. From denim to dresses, these sneakers go with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!


But the age-old question is: How do you keep them looking white?! Easy. Never wear them and keep them in the box at all times. AS IF!! But fear not! I have a few tricks to help keep your white leather shoes looking as white as can be, without keeping them locked in a box.


Like you, I Googled various options and experimented with the solutions people suggested. It was exhausting to say the least. More than half of the suggestions didn’t even work, not to mention how damaging some of the tips were if used improperly. Who wants to risk ruining a pair of shoes over a bad suggestion?!


I guess that’s what makes this blog so great! I weeded out the bad tips, using my knowledge of materials, fabrics, and shoe design to help identify the most efficient way to accomplish what you want, nixing the disaster and worry. Fear not my faithful followers, here are the tips I found to work the best!
1. Magic Eraser – The magic eraser is great for almost any stain. Keep in mind that when using the magic eraser, don’t apply too much pressure. You just want to take the dirt off, not any protective layering the leather may have on it already.
2. An Eraser – A white eraser is preferred to ensure no color rubs off on the sole of the shoe. I only used the white eraser on the rubber bottom (the sole of the shoe) because it tends to be a little more aggressive than the magic eraser. It will take anything off the sole of the shoe.
3. Dove Soap and a Toothbrush – I suggest trying this first before the magic eraser because it’s a gentler method of removing dirt. It just might not be as effective.
4. Bleaching White Laces The trick to bleaching your laces is the bleach to water ratio. ONE tablespoon of bleach to THREE gallons of water. Bleach is POWERFUL, you can ruin so many garments without the right water to bleach ratio. This should also go without saying, but don’t bleach anything that isn’t all white! If your laces are multi-colored, try placing the laces in an undergarment bag and washing them in the washer.